Hi again!

Here’s another important topic that’s bothering some of you…. I’ve received many e-mails on this. It’s also a much-discussed subject on forums. There are lots of girls, so fearful of getting pregnant, that they become paralyzed during sex. It seems this is one of the main reasons why many of you start your sexual life relatively late, still wondering how to lose virginity. It’s a real shame, because sexuality is a very important part of our lives.

A few weeks ago, I replied to a question that went something like this: “Last night I was fooling around with my boyfriend. I was dressed and he was naked. Some of his pre-cum accidentally ended up on my jeans, on the groin area. I took the morning-after pill. I got my period a day late and it was lighter than usual. Could I be pregnant?”

Obviously you must learn about contraception, so you can relax and not wait for your next period in panic!

There are many methods of birth control, such as implants, the diaphragm, and the birth control pill. But for beginners, who wonder what to use while losing virginity, I recommend only one - the condom. Statistics say condoms are 98% safe, if used per the instructions. Make sure you use quality, electronically tested condoms, with spermicidal lubricant. Check the expiry date- Don’t carry condoms in your jeans pockets, or expose them to sunlight or heat.

Additionally, you can use a spermicidal lubricant, but make sure it’s water-based, so it won’t damage the condom.

Don’t ever wear two or more condoms at a time, because they are more likely to break. I don’t suppose you will have rough sex, whilst losing your virginity, so please don’t worry that a single condom will break.

It doesn’t hurt to be careful during foreplay. Read my previous post, about pre-ejaculatory fluid. If you accidentally try to put the condom on the wrong way, throw it away and use another one. Its tip may be contaminated with sperm from pre-cum. I’m sure if you do all of this right, that safety is higher than 98%. So do your best to relax and enjoy yourself!

Sincerely Yours,