Hi, guys!

Working on my new book, I discovered that many of you start your sexual life totally unprepared. There is a lot of false and confusing information out there, even in this ‘Information Age’. Many dangerous urban myths about losing virginity can ruin your life.

I have received many queries along these lines: “I lost my virginity last night. I didn’t plan to, but one thing led to another! We were fooling around, had some beers - and it just happened! It hurt a little bit, and we didn’t use any protection. He finished off outside of me. Could I be pregnant? My friend told me that I can’t conceive, if it was my first time. Please help me! I am scared!” If you only knew how many times I’ve seen letters like this!

For once and for all, please try to remember - you can easily become pregnant from any unprotected sex. Coitus interruptus, also known as withdrawal, or the pull-out method, is the least safe one - and you shouldn’t be using it! Pre-ejaculatory fluid, (also called pre-cum) coming from the penis, can contain a significant amount of sperm, which may cause pregnancy, especially if the male had sex, or masturbated, recently. Avoid contact with it around your vaginal area. If it’s your first time, you are not miraculously protected! Remember this!

Also, please don’t forget sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). It would be a real shame if you lost your virginity, yet contracted a nasty disease, in return. So please be smart and use protection. If you are thinking of losing your virginity, at least carry a condom with you. They are not all that heavy!
I know how your hormones can make you do foolish things - and in those moments of passion, some of you just don’t think rationally. If you girls have unprotected sex, please visit your gynecologist. Talk, too, to your mom, even if it’s awkward and difficult for either or both. Many teenage pregnancies wouldn’t have happened, if only the girls had talked to their moms. So please be smart.

Write to you soon.

Sincerely Yours,