Hii everybody!

So you just can’t find a girl to lose your virginity with?

Obviously, you’re not one of the so-called ‘naturals’ - guys who seduce girls without even trying. Your father didn’t teach you anything about this secret art, either. Maybe he’s not a Casanova himself.

Luckily you’re here, on this site, then!

Up until now, you’ve been doing something wrong. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article! Other publications gave you advice such as going to clubs and other public spaces, to eventually meet a girl. And you know how useful that turned out to be! And how many times you returned home alone, losing your virginity seemingly many years away!

In order to get it right, you’ll have to change yourself! We’ll teach you how to do it, for the better. For instance, things like physical appearance, then on to more complex issues, such as how to overcome your fear of talking to girls. You’ll learn how to become a proper lady killer! You’ll learn things useful to you, even after you lose your virginity. Your subconscious is your main enemy here - and together, we’ll find ways to bypass it.

In the meantime, while you’re contemplating how to lose virginity, I’ll give you a little piece of advice. Treat girls as your equal - not the way you used to - and they will respect you infinitely more. Every day they hear how beautiful they are (even if they are not) and some boys are willing to do almost anything for them. Don’t be one of those guys who are full of compliments and attention - and perhaps some of the secrets of the pick-up art will come to you naturally...

Sincerely Yours,