6. The Pain

Hi, all!

I’ve noticed, in e-mails I receive, that most of you girls are concerned about the pain involved in losing virginity. Some girls are very frightened. There are, also, a significant number of boys with virgin girlfriends, concerned about hurting their partner whilst making love for the first time...

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5. Maturing


Recently, I discovered a very interesting statistic… In the United States alone, there are 1, 1 million people between 26 and 40 years old, who are still virgins! I don’t know what percentage of those are men, but let’s say it’s 50%. Perhaps, even, this data is questionable - if those answering the poll weren’t honest in their answers. There could be twice as many virgins...

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Hii everybody!

So you just can’t find a girl to lose your virginity with?

Obviously, you’re not one of the so-called ‘naturals’ - guys who seduce girls without even trying. Your father didn’t teach you anything about this secret art, either. Maybe he’s not a Casanova himself...

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Hi again!

Here’s another important topic that’s bothering some of you…. I’ve received many e-mails on this. It’s also a much-discussed subject on forums. There are lots of girls, so fearful of getting pregnant, that they become paralyzed during sex. It seems this is one of the main reasons why many of you start your sexual life relatively late, still wondering how to lose virginity. It’s a real shame, because sexuality is a very...

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Hi, guys!

Working on my new book, I discovered that many of you start your sexual life totally unprepared. There is a lot of false and confusing information out there, even in this ‘Information Age’. Many dangerous urban myths about losing virginity can ruin your life...

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1. Introduction

Hi Virgins!

So you think you’re ready for the big day?

Thank God, then, that you ran into this site!

My name is Lisa. I’m a 39-year old mother of two. Like you, when I was younger, I was pretty clueless, when it came to love and sex. I lost my virginity relatively late, by today’s standards and it happened when I was...

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