Hi Lisa,
I have read the book, and then found the strength to give it to my boyfriend. He initially ignored it, but in the end, he admitted that he had read it, and then wanted to go for it immediately! We applied the fingering technique and the wave technique, and amazingly I almost did not feel any pain! It was wonderful! Thank you for this wonderful book!

Dear Lisa,
I thought that only girls felt the fear when it comes to losing their virginity, but once I had the chance to do it with a beautiful girl, I froze with fear, couldn't do a darn thing, and ruined the oportunity! She is wonderful she told me that she didn't mind and that we would soon try it again. I didn't want to fail next time, so I searched the net and came upon your site and your book. After I read it, many things became clearer to me, and in the end it all turned out fantastic. Now we are together and we are both very happy! Thank you for the book!

Hi Lisa,
I am 31 years old, and until recently I was a virgin - and ashamed to admit that to anyone. Recently I found your book on the Internet and I was surprised at the fact that there are so many Americans of my age who are still virgins. It gave me much more confidence to "take action", and it finally happened to me. Recently I hooked up with a girl who had been a long-time friend of mine, but I'd never thought that I'd have a chance with her. The first time with my new girlfriend was excellent and now we enjoy each other. Please educate all 30+ virgins that everything is possible!
Your Simon

Hi Lisa,
I have read the book and I am delighted by the number of useful facts I found! I was first afraid, but once I went through the advices, my self-esteem went up, and the act of losing my virginity went much easier than I thought it would be! It did hurt a bit, but far from what I had expected, and my first sex came to wonderful ending! :) Now I know how to protect myself and have exciting sex in the future! Thank you so much for the book!

Hi Lisa,
My name's Andrew, and I must admit that I was convinced that this was just another pile of facts I had seen around the Internet. But soon I realized it wasn't like that! I especially liked the chapter about dating and getting together with girls. I already began using the advice from this chapter, and my life became much more exciting! ;)) Thanks for generously sharing all this with us!

Hi Lisa,
I'm your namesake! :) I read the book cover to cover, I even read some of the chapters twice, just to make sure I got them right! I did the thing the other day and I thought I'd tell you first! ;) It was far better than I expected! BTW I loved the part on kissing, I had had no idea how many techniques there were!
Love, Lisa!

Hello Lisa,
I read the book and I was blown away. I never found so much useful advice in any other place. I haven't got laid yet, but I plan to do it soon. The book boosted my self-esteem and I'm already set to find a partner. I'm on the right track! :) Thanks for the book!

Hi Lisa,
I'm I bit embarassed, because I'm 25 and I was I virgin... until I recently read your book! The pieces finally came together, and I decided to do it - and I'm delighted with the outcome! Thank you so much! I would recommend this book to everyone, whatever the age, even to those who are no longer virgins!
Yours, Lorraine!